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Daily Dose of English Sentences

Simple sentences

Kalimat lengkap yang terdiri dari Subject dan Predicate serta memiliki arti.

I looked for Lisa at texas train station


Terdiri dari satu kalimat lengkap atau disebut induk kalimat dan satu atau lebih anak kalimat yang saling menghubungkan satu dengan yang lainnya menggunakan subordinating conjunctions

  Because the National Selection Based on Achievement or SNBP portal is still closed, the registrants cannot open the result yet.

Compound sentences

Dua kalimat lengkap yang dihubungkan oleh coordinating conjunctions 

(For And Nor But Or Yet So )

Most of my friends at the class love Kylian Bappe for He reached a top scorer in France

Simple sentences with verb

  • Indonesian Moslem will have ied al-fitr leave in 2023
  • Daniel Radcliffe survived in the jungle in his upcoming movie
  • Jokowi has reigned for a couple periods
  • She keenly pursues her dream
Simple sentences with verb and noun
  • Many teenagers buy tickets for Suga concert
  • Nassar always cooks meat for this ramadan 
  • I accidently bumped into my old fiend
  • she just got in here last night  
Simple sentences with adjective

  • Angelina Jolie is famous in Hollywood
  • England is far from Indonesia
  • The haunted house is not scary at all
  • Covid 19 pandemic was extremely terrifying
Simple sentences with verb and adverb

  • Quran was revealed gradually
  • Saudi airline pilots fly the plane carefully
  • He rarely speaks to strangers
  • A thief tiptoed quietly in the middle of night
Compound sentences with verb

  • My mom is worrying my brother, Harry, because he doesn't come home yet
  • Ied exodus travelers will leave Jakarta, so the city will have fewer people for the moment
  • My friend didn't show himself last night, nor did He call me for confirmation
  • We completely trusted him, yet he still betrayed us deliberately
Compound sentences with verb and noun
  • People watch short religious speech, for they hope their faith will be increased
  • Fasting has benefits for health and it also increases our social awareness
  • The main character regained his memory but he acted as before for revenge
  • The principle will make an announcement for students in a form of letter or he will announce it when flag ceremony is held 
Compound sentences with adjective

  • My mom is worried about my brother, Harry, for he is being sick rightnow
  • She is not good at math, nor is she competent in science
  • You are always outstanding for you always practice harder than everyone else
  • The parliament members should be trustworthy for they are the representative of people voice
Compound sentences with verb and adverb
  • People watch short religious speech very often, for they hope their faith will be increased significantly
  • He didn't do the task completely, yet he got high score easily 
  • He delivered his speech delightfully, so everyone in the room kept an eye on him
  • Many people often misunderstand for what is he saying but he never try to explain anything
Complex sentences with verb

  • Because Harry doesn't come home yet, My mom is worrying him 
  • Although he woke up late, yet he still got the train on time
  • Before they live here as our neighbor, They had lived in countryside 
  • Even though they cultivate the land diligently, the storm ruined their cultivation
Complex sentences with verb and noun
  • If you find my wallet, I will grant your wish
  • After the hurricane attacked Mississippi, Government sent the hospitality immediately
  • Since you broke my valuable vase, you have to pay for it
  • Unless you make the final paper, you never graduate from this school
Complex sentences with adjective

  • Because Harry isn't at home yet, My mom is worried about him 
  • Although he was late, yet he was able to come on time
  • The toddler is really cute, whereas his father is ugly
  • While the others was angry waiting for him, he showed himself innocently
Complex sentences with verb and adverb
  • If you find my wallet immediately, I will grant your wish truthfully
  • After Tornado attacked Mississippi devastatingly , Government sent the hospitality immediately
  • whether you invite her directly or you ask someone to invite her, she won't come
  • Although she tried hard to win, she lost finally
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